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To Filter or Not to Filter the Internet… that is the question

July 6th, 2011

internet parental filtering softwareOne of the most interesting, but perhaps controversial features of littleye (an internet parental filtering software) is the ability to filter the Internet for children.  While most of the arguments against it are aimed at schools and institutions blocking certain sites, as illustrated in the recent Gwinnett County Schools in Georgia coming under fire for blocking websites containing content about sexual orientation and gender identity.  There are still some that argue it is akin to censorship.  It is up to us as parents, though, to ultimately make that decision when it pertains to access at home.

There are many reasons parents may want to consider using internet parental filtering software for their kids.  The main reason is to help protect them from stumbling upon inappropriate content such as pornography or violent images.  Just type in one wrong word, or a .net instead of a .com, and who knows what your child will come across.  Most internet parental filtering software, including littleye’s, can be highly effective in preventing this sort of exposure.  Another important reason filter the Internet is to limit access to some social media sites in order to prevent your child from being targeted by predators or being bullied online.  Bullying is a problem as old as time itself, and it seems we’re having the same conversations as pertains to “cyberbullying.”  Larry Magid of recently wrote about the “epidemic,” stating that 20% of children have been cyberbullied, or have cyberbullied others.  With this type of statistic, it is extremely important that has parents we know what’s going on, and have clear communication with our children.

Whether you decide to use internet parental filtering software or not, the key is awareness and communication.  littleye provides a terrific filtering option, with an extensive and growing list of safe sites for kids.  What’s also great is that you can control it on your own by creating your own parental filter, completely customizable to your needs.  With either option, you can add sites to the list so that you can truly know what your child has access to.  While no software is completely foolproof, you can certainly rest easier knowing there are products out there like littleye working hard to protect our kids.  So you decide to filter the Internet in your household.

by Grant Stoner

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